Channeling, or channeled reading is the reception of thought from the spirit world for the purpose of communicating with spirits (non-corporal entities, spirits of the deceased, or nature spirits) and angels.   As a medium, I go into a meditative state to connect to spirit and use a form of telepathy, receiving thoughts from spirit in my minds.  Not only thoughts can be transmitted, but also images and even feelings.


I channel spirits from high levels who work as spiritual teachers.  A channeled reading is not a psychic/mediumship reading.  You will receive honest advice from a higher spirit point of view, without being manipulative, without playing around with your ego. These channeled psychic readings are usually very carefully phrased to respect your free will, allowing you to choose. Should any prediction be made, it represents the most likely turn of events, but the future depends on your own development and choices, and changes constantly with each decision you and others make. A prediction can only suggest what is likely to happen under certain circumstances. If you are looking for advice for your path, help with dream interpretation, or solve causes of your problems, a reading with a higher spirit may help you.