Mediumship isn’t for show – it’s for healing.  Mediumship was never meant to be a talent or a form of entertainment however, throughout the centuries and decades it has turned into such.


Mediumship is a life-changing healing modality.  It reassures, uplifts and enables those who have lost loved ones to move forward on their grieving journeys, and to progressively live in peace and thrive.


I am a Master Medium. In my readings, I connect with the Divine Spirit, and your loved ones in spirit to offer guidance and validation. The Divine Spirit will use my Clair abilities to communicate with you.  This allows me to be impartial, and not incorporate my own personal biases or opinions during a reading.


You may ask questions relating to the usual topics of love life, career, money, health, and life transitions, but instead of receiving information from the intuitive side of my energy, you will receive the information from the loved one in spirit, or your personal spirit guide or angel.


During a reading, I am often overshadowed by the spirit I am connected with.  For instance, if I am connected to a departed friend or family member, I may take on that spirits body language, tone of voice, and other verbal dispositions.


Each Medium has a different style of reading based on which of their Clair abilities are stronger and the tools they use to channel spirit energy. I may hold a crystal energy stone to help focus; I may intermittently close my eyes and take deep breaths; or my body may involuntarily rock as I am tuned it.  As a Medium, I usually cleanse/sage my personal space and meditate before a reading session.  This is done to slow down my logical mind and amplify my intuitive receptive mind.  When I make contact with a spirit, I see that spirit in my third eye, and many times, the spirit will make me feel a certain way (tingly, hot, etc.).


As a medium I may hear a spirit whisper something in my ear, or communicate with me telepathically.  It is then my responsibility to validate the connection—spirit will deliver clues that should resonate with you and help you to validate or understand whose energy has come forth.  These clues vary, from names, dates, fond memories, how this spirit passed, the music they loved, their favorite color, anything that you can use to determine the identity and form the connection. Then, the spirit will deliver messages pertaining to their life, such as things they wish they could have said, apologies, affirmations, and things pertaining to your life. The spirit may also pass on messages to your friends and relatives, thus making you a messenger on their behalf.


During a Mediumship reading, I can only give you what I get. If this is your first reading, you most likely will hear from your family first. Your loved ones will always come through first to show you how much they love you and that they are still a part of your life. If you have had a reading before then most likely the person you wish to speak to will come forward right away.

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