An intuitive assessment can be used to gain insight and information about another person.  Dating and other relationships – Can I trust him/her?  Does he/she love me?  Is this person “the one?”  Is this relationship going to work out?  Will he commit?


Some have asked, “Is it wrong check another person out, energetically and intuitively? Is it wrong to gain energetic insight and information about a love interest, a colleague, or someone whose is creating problems for us?”  To be clear, tapping into the energy of someone without their permission, for a purpose that doesn’t serve your highest good is a big no, and from my honest perspective, it is unethical.


I will not conduct intuitive assessments or provide insight for the purpose of spying on the existing relationship of a love interest or an ex.  The intention behind these would be malicious, and not entertained.  If you are looking for genuine insight and/or clarification on something, I can provide an intuitive assessment.  You may want insight into what to expect from a new boss or colleague, or double-check whether your instincts about someone is accurate.  Always remember, intuition is there to help us maneuver our way through life by providing additional insight and information.

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