An Evidential Mediumship Reading is where I (the Medium) connect with the Spirit of a passed loved one and give evidential messages to you (the client) on the Spirit’s behalf. The Medium is like a middleman between your passed loved one and you. I get my information from Spirit by using all my senses. To put it simply; I see, hear, feel, taste, and smell evidence that Spirit is giving me, this is the easy part. The delicate part is knowing what to do with the information that I receive from Spirit. I must then translate the image, feeling, thought, smell or taste to understand what the Spirit is trying to communicate.


For example, in one reading, I told an ill woman that her deceased Mother showed me small cracks in a side walk. Beyond the small cracks was a raised area of the side walk, which I described, as seen when tree roots expand and grow underneath concrete/cement.  As I walked passed the raised side walk area, I saw a smooth black surface, similar to a race track of sorts, without the striped lines.  The spirit message seemed to be, “I see your serious health diagnosis, but it is not life threatening (small cracks in cement).  You will have one major set- back with your treatment (raised side-walk), it won’t be easy, but you will be fine.  Your body will heal, and everything will be okay, you will have a chance to move full speed ahead as a healthy woman, with nothing stopping you or standing in your way (the smooth black surface – race track with no white lines).”