People ask how I receive messages and where do they come from. I am spiritually connected to Source Energy~God~Spirit~the Divine (However you refer to the Celestial Spirit does not in any way diminish the sacredness, love and divinity of your personal relationship).  I tap into this energy by recognizing and accepting there is a higher consciousness of knowing and communication.  I attune myself to this higher frequency, and along with the effort of those in the spirit world, I allow the spiritual connection and communication to take place. 

Beyond being a Channel for Spirit and Master Medium, I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. 

My journey into Mediumship

“My mind is a center of Divine operations.”

Some people go through a spiritual training to become a Psychic Medium.  I am a fourth (4th) generation psychic (channel) on the maternal side of my family tree.  My psychic abilities were passed down from my great-grandmother, to my grandmother, mother, and bestowed upon me. 


Being a Medium is in my DNA. 

My psychic abilities began to manifest when I was around 6 years old. It may have been earlier but, I can’t recall any psychic experiences before that time.  At night, when I should have been asleep, I would see silhouettes of Spirits, I would intuitively know that I wasn’t alone in my room, I felt the presence of someone, and I would hear the whispering/calling of my name. As with any small child (or adult), the spiritual activity would frighten me beyond belief.  In the dark of night, I would find the courage to come from underneath my blanket, jump out of bed and run into my parent’s room.  I was seeking protection against the spiritual energies that disturbed me.  My parents initially thought I was like many other children, simply afraid of the dark, but they soon realized that there was much more happening in my world. 

It was also during those psychic formative years, I would have premonition dreams about family members or friends of my parents who were going to pass away.  When I would share these dreams with my Mother, I would always identify the timeframe that the person would pass away with a national holiday.  For example, “I said to my Mother one day, “Poor Ms. XXX is not going to live to see Christmas.”  My Mother was always astonished, and quite upset when I would make these dark declarations.  I loved her too much to see her upset, and while I had many dreams that were realized, I quickly learned to keep my pre-cognitions to myself.

I believe I was eight (8) years old when I overheard my parents discussing me with relatives.  When I think back on these times, I can only imagine how my parents felt about my spiritual experiences. Afterall, I was their little adopted daughter, claiming to hear voices, deathly afraid of the dark, and believed that someone (unseen) was in my room every night!  That is a lot to digest for anyone, especially for my parents who had very little experience with non-religious-based spirituality.  During their conversation, my Uncle suggested that maybe my nighttime experiences involved my biological mother trying to “reach me.”  My Mother replied, “I don’t believe her mother is dead, but I can’t say for certain.”  My Father chimed into the conversation and proclaimed, “Well, the next place I take her, is to see a Psychiatrist!”  Everyone burst into loud laughter.  It was that very moment, and my father’s words that forced me to suppress my psychic abilities and avoid sharing spiritual experiences for years to come.   

Out of the Psychic Closet

As a young adult, my gifts never disappeared, rather, they came to the forefront and went to the background several times throughout my life. Why, I cannot say, I just know that this was part of a greater process or ‘initiation’ that I had to go through in my spiritual evolution.

Accepting my calling of Spirit

In my early 30’s I began to involve myself, very slowly, with the psychic and spiritual realms. Although I had been having prophetic dreams for a long time, this new era in my life amplified my gifts. It took a while, but I finally accepted my calling and allowed the experiences as a Chanel for Spirit and Psychic Medium to unfold.  Before I knew it, I was being asked by family, friends and strangers to help them connect with departed loved ones. This is what a Medium does.  At the same time, I worked with my spirit guides and continued my studies of the Mystics and Prophets of the past.  I sought the higher-level knowledge and awareness of the Ascended Masters and teachers, such as Jesus and Buddha.

Today, I am profoundly grateful to translate messages from Spirits.  Being able to access and make sense of spiritual knowledge is not only a gift, but a huge responsibility, one that I hold to the highest of standards and ethical practices.  I’m also thankful for an ability that brings people love, guidance, peace, comfort and joy.

I am, above all things and gifts, a child of God, and a daughter of this magical Universe!  This is my story, but yours is just as important to me.  I hope that one day I hear from you.


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